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Tacostruck – Free Download

Band :
Title : Tacostruck
Release Date : Juli 30, 2016
Format : Digital Download

Studio: Dreamcatch Audio
Things we used for this record:
Guitar, E-Bass, lighter, pepper mill, tambourine, knife, glass, empty suitcase, trumpet, 2 spoons

Gringos del Taco (Julia G.) Birthday Special!
Inspired by AC/DC – Thunderstruck (We love them! And we love mexican food!)

Maybe you ask yourself „What is a Tacostruck?“
The Tacostruck is an old word for shit happens.
One legend says, it comes from a Gringo who ate to many hot Tacos and then the Taco burned twice, another legend tells the story of a Gringo who went to Mexico for Chicas but he woke up with some Hombre-Chicas. Also this legend says, that it burned twice.

Designed by IT-Gruber
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