Foto: Tanja van Lonsperch

A naked body embedded in leaves, a fairy costume, red lips enveloping a cherry: Pictures can trigger a lot of emotions which directly reflect on our internalised thinking patterns. Why do we consider certain pictures and advertisements to be erotic, while we view others as repulsive, when we are really looking at the same scenery, with just people of different genders?

That was the thought that laid the foundation to the “Twisted Gender Role” calendar.

The musician and performer Julia G. continuously addresses sexism and socially internalised thinking patterns through his lyrics. The “Twisted Gender Role” calendar isn’t just a critique of sexism and sexualised violence, but also forces viewers to reflect on their own internalised thinking patterns concerning gender roles. Why do we think in patterns and roles at all? Why does the same picture evoke different feelings in us, depending on which gender is being displayed? And how do our thoughts influence our words and actions?

With the help of the photographers Brigit Kniebeiß, Tanja van Lonsprech and Georg Schatz twelve different pictures were being taken. Mimicking the style of a pin-up calendar they provide monthly food for thought, starting in January 2018 and ending with December 2018.  Some of the pictures were already on view as part of the exhibition „Feminism in Photography“ at the Museum of Perception (MUWA) in Graz and gained approval by visitors and contributors alike.

Foto: Birgit Kniebeiß

The various contributors to the “Twisted Gender Role” calendar don’t just want to address socio-political topics, but seek to actively contribute to a positive change in society. Hence all revenues will be donated to “Frauenhäuser Steiermark”, the Styrian women’s shelters. Women’s shelters offer a safe space to women and children escaping domestic violence. The service of the women’s shelters is an important and necessary contribution to society.

The donations will be invested into activities helping women and children alike, as for example art therapy or communication courses. Part of the donations will also be used for unbudgeted renovation work. The donations enable the women’s shelters to expand their service and helps them to offer a trusting and welcoming safe space to those seeking protection.

Price per calendar:                     € 15,-
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Foto: Birgit Kniebeiß